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Invoice Financing

Funding provided to you based on your customers’ future invoice payments.

Invoice financing or invoice factoring refers to any kind of financing that is backed by unpaid invoices. These tend to be great products for B2B businesses or any kind of business with slow-paying customers. This kind of financing is simple, we pay you a percentage of your promised invoices up front (it’s called the “advance rate”), and then give you the rest (also known as “the reserve”) once the invoice is paid. Lenders usually charge a fee for this service. ‍


Max advance amount: 100% of value of invoices

Factor fee: ~3% processing fee, and a 1% factor fee each week until invoice is paid

Loan Terms: Until the client pays the invoice

Financing Term Lengths and Early Termination?

When invoice factoring, the lender may require a certain contract length, or not. Some charge early termination fees, some don’t. It’s important that you know the terms of your agreement before you finalize your contract.

Financing all invoices or only a few?

There are varying degrees of selling invoices. Some lenders ask for you to sell all of your invoices, some ask you to only sell them certain customers’ invoices, and others operate on an invoice-by-invoice basis, where you can choose which ones to get a loan on. Usually, the rule of thumb is that the more control you have over the process the more you can customize it to your business’ needs.

Recourse vs. non-recourse?

These clauses are put in place in case your customer fails to pay their invoice. If you’re in a recourse agreement, you are liable for paying the unpaid amount to the lender. On the other hand, if you're in a non-recourse agreement, you don’t have to pay the lender anything back. 


Immediate cash flow

Continuous cash flow

Grows with your business

Builds a relationship with your lender




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